It’s an exciting time to be alive.

At no point in history has information moved as fast as it does today. With the advent of the internet and microelectronics, we entered a new age of innovation.

As with any seismic shift, it’s time to take a new approach to creating technology.

What do we do?


Conduit has a proven track record in building web applications, sites and backend systems for a wide range of clients, from stock markets to recruitment companies. If you have a problem, idea, or a new start-up business, we have the skills and experience to make this happen.


We’re always on a mission to push the limits of technology. We also work on a small number of in-house prototype ideas which we like to share on our blog.

Take a look!


Sharing knowledge and improving society is key to our values. With our tutorials and resources on our blog, to our community projects, we hope to encourage more people to start creating.

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Web Application Development

Big Data and Machine Learning

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News, articles and announcements

January 8, 2018
3 reasons why the death of Bitcoin is inevitable

Possibly an even hotter buzzword than the “Cloud”, Bitcoin has been on the tips of everyone’s tongues for the last year….

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January 5, 2018
The Spectre attack – how does it work?

Find out how the Spectre attack works, and what to do about it…

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November 15, 2017
Announcing our drone building workshop!

We’re really excited to announce that we will be running a drone building evening later this year / early 2018.  All tools and parts will be included, and at the end of the session, you’ll take away your own custom drone.

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November 7, 2017
A quickstart project for the ESP32 and Eclipse

The ESP32. How to get started quick. We’ve been doing a lot of work recently on the incredible ESP32 microcontroller from…

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True innovation is bringing different ideas and solutions together with no boundaries. This can only be done when the tools are lightweight and agile, which is why we don’t pledge allegiance to any specific set of technologies, but prefer to pick the best tool for the job in hand.

We have the ability to adapt and learn, and don’t focus on encyclopaedic knowledge of one discipline.

Whatever your idea, we have the skills and drive to make it happen.